Wednesday, 19 October 2011

1. The Perfect Skincare

All my life I have struggled with bad skin. It has such a big impact on how you perceive and project yourself. A good outfit can only give you so much confidence. It is important for the skin and hair to match.

I have a love of products and have tried just about everything on the market. I have sensitive combination skin so I prefer to use all natural products where possible, but there are so many that just don't work! While looking around the beautifully redesigned cosmetics section of Liberty's I spotted the Australian brand Aesop. I am particularly drawn to products with well designed bottles, and Aesop seemed to check all the boxes. I started with the scrub, which I didn't already have, then from there my collection has grown! All the products smell lovely and don't leave my face red or irritated. The oil is great to wear overnight and means you wake up with nicely glowing skin. I have to say that the best product is the deodorant. It has quite a strong scent (nicely so) and I get many compliments on it. Not something you can say about the majority of aerosol deodorants from Boots.
Finally the cleanser - for me, the most important product. I bought this Mario Badescu cleanser prior to getting in to Aesop, and I am almost at the end of it so I think I will switch to Aesop, purely in an effort to use only natural products. This cleanser has been very good though, helping to clear my skin quite a lot and balance the overall tone which makes such a huge difference.

As I said, I love, love, love buying skin and hair products, but I absolutely hate having a whole pile of things that don't work and I won't ever use. Its just so wasteful. And while I get bored and want to try the newest things, what is the point if you have already found a formula that works?

What are you skincare essentials?


  1. Ooh I can imagine how good the Aesop products must smell. I recently went through a bad bout of acne for the first time in some four years, so I have switched to products recommended by my dermatologist. La Roche Posay effaclar cleanser, Photoban sunscreen and an exfoliating mask called Keracnyl twice a week. She suggested that I leave my skin bare at night and it's really helped. I love the simplicity of this new routine :)

  2. Hello to your new blog! I stopped by Aesop when I was in New York so I was able to pick up a few things and samples. Their rose scalp and hair mask is great and their cleansing oil is alright but I prefer the shu eumura cleansing oil. I have the anti-perspirant cream from Kiehl's which I like very much but I would like to see how the Aesop one is.

    As for skincare that is a long long story. I go through product reviews quite religiously. I think if you got the right combination of products you should stick to it. What works on one person does not necessarily produce similar results with another. Just spend a little extra time examining your skin and adjusting the products. Some days I use a milk cleanser and other days a cleansing oil. I find it's necessary to not put on anything on the skin for one day a week just so your skin can get a fresh start. And masks! I love masks but I never seem to have the time....

  3. Aesop products smell so good! I've only ever washed my face with Cetaphil. I'm not sure what would happen if I used anything else. Nothing beats a trip to the dermatologist but I love Mario Badescu's Aloe Vera Toner, Moisture Magnet, and their Ginseng Moist Cream. La Roche Posay sunscreen and Embryollisse creams are favorites too.

    I've never had break outs or acne- my biggest issue is hydration. So it's really important to hydrate.

  4. Great to find out you're back!
    About a year + ago, I experienced skin trouble for the first time. Just like Ammu, my dermatologist gave me a very simple routine to follow and all's well now. But my problem is that I'm a bit scared to try new products outside the ones prescribed by the doctor!

  5. I have finally gotten smart and quit going for complicated routines. I am using Bioderma Crealine to remove makeup, followed by Avene tissue-off gentle cleanser to cleanse my skin (which I use with my Clarisonic). Twice a week, I apply Retin A. Otherwise, I'm using a gentle moisture cream by Avene. I love all things Avene; the thermal elements in the water really seem soothing and healing to my skin. During the day, I'll add Vitamin C powder by Philosophy to my Avene creme, and top it all off with La Roche Posay Fluid Extreme sunblock.

    The only treatments I use now are Retin A and Vitamin C, and each only twice a week. I used to think that a moment without some sort of treatment on my skin was a moment wasted, but it's far too irritating for me to use retinoids and C (or acids) every single day. My skin is so much better for the gentler treatment. You don't need to go overboard to care for your skin. That's what I've learned and accepted.

    Anyway, blah blah blah!

  6. When I'm finished with my Kiehl's products I might try Aesop. I have been reading really good things about this brand and the packages look so appealing.

  7. Ooooh what do you think of the exfoliating paste? it's probably the one aesop product I haven't tried. I want to try their geranium leaf body exfoliant too. I use the Amazing face cleanser, primrose moisturiser and rose hair and scalp masque. I've got a hand cream and lip balm somewhere in my room too haha but I tend to lose those products because I'm always throwing them in a bag and taking them out and then forgetting what I've done with them haha.


  8. I've been living on their samples lately! I absolutely love their deodorant too- the scent is strong but so lovely & intense. I sometimes wear it as a perfume too :) I have the Amazing cleanser which is awesome too. x

  9. I just last week purchased the white clay cleanser and I am obsessed! It has done wonders for my skin which is mostly dry and prone to spots. It doesn't make my skin feel tight after washing (which most everything else does) but it thoroughly cleans my skin of makeup and cleans away spots!

    Not to mention the staff are fantaaaastic. I walked away with a purchase plus about 15 different samples which come next pay day, I probably own as well.

    V x

  10. there product is amazing! their rind concentrate body balm is my favourite! the mandarin scent is amazing!

  11. I'm such a sucker for Aesop packaging!